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Incca creates brands that are purpose-driven and stand true to their values.




Kanchi has launched

over 25 brands in multiple markets across Asia Pacific. Consult with her on how to go to market and brand your product in the most impactful way.

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We own and operate

Nama: Meditation, a virtual meditation studio that makes good quality meditation practices accessible for everyone to follow consistently 

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Exciting conversations with experts, change-makers and leaders about their experiences and what the future of business ecosystems and the world at-large looks like. 

Global Network

Specialized Expertise 

Mission- Driven

Systematic Strategy

Kanchi Dheer


I come with over 14 years of  strategy experience, having headed Marketing & Communication teams and product launches at hyper- growth companies in Asia such as Spotify, Marina Bay Sands, Radial, Ebb & Flow Group. 


My Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern  University planted the seed for a career that always emphasizes the diversity of thought, ideas and connections. 


Over the span of my career I have lived in three countries, launched 25 brands in multiple markets across Asia-Pacific and established the marketing departments in three companies. I am also a Meditation teacher and believe that everyone has the power to cultivate inner peace and an abundant life.


My aim is to create brands whether owned or in-partnership in a way that stands true to their values and also resonates with the target audience. 

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Go- To- Market Strategy

Research & Insights

Distribution Strategy

Market Opportunity Study

Product Strategy

Target Customers Analysis

Growth Strategy

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