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Incca is born from a passion for bringing brands to market in the most authentic and socially impactful way.

Kanchi Dheer


I come with over 13 years of  strategy experience, having headed Marketing & Communication teams and product launches at hyper- growth companies in Asia such as Spotify, Marina Bay Sands, Radial, Ebb & Flow Group. 


My Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern  University planted the seed for a career that always emphasizes the diversity of thought, ideas and connections. 


Over the span of my career I have lived in three countries, launched 25 brands in multiple markets across Asia-Pacific and established the marketing departments in three companies. I am also a Meditation Coach and believe that everyone has the power to cultivate inner peace and an abundant life.


My aim is to create brands whether owned or in-partnership in a way that stands true to their values and also resonates with the target audience. 

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Go- To- Market Strategy

Research & Insights

Distribution Strategy

Market Opportunity Study

Product Strategy

Target Customers Analysis

Growth Strategy

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