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Brand Strategy
& Design

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Brand Strategy & Design

Intensive strategy to convert your product into a premium brand.

2 - 4 weeks

Enquire to find out

If you are someone who needs assistance with their business strategy and representation, then this will be the right fit for you. This package is designed keeping in mind the need for entrepreneurs and leaders to launch or re-launch a brand.


By the end of this project, you’ll experience a business model completely revamped into a premium, branded experience. This package includes:


1. Everything in the Business Roadmap Package 

2. Fortnightly Consultations 

3. Value Proposition 

4. Voice & Tone

5. Content Strategy 

7. Visual Identity (Logo, font, usage, Business Card) 

8. Website Design and Setup 

9. Packaging Design 

10. Social Media Templates 

11. Merchandise Design


Please click on 'Request to Book' and we will get in touch for a project briefing.


Please take note:

GST is Applicable. The scope and price of the package will be confirmed after the project briefing. 

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