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Incca, a catalyst for purpose-driven businesses

Incca is focused on empowering businesses to successfully bring to market their products by training them to authentically develop their launch, branding, communication and growth strategy. It is a result of founder Kanchi Dheer's passion for launching consumer brands in the most authentic and socially impactful way.

Kanchi comes with over 12 years of GTM and strategy experience, having headed Marketing & Communication teams and product launches at hyper-growth companies in Asia such as Spotify, Marina Bay Sands, Radial, Ebb & Flow Group. Her Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University planted the seed for a career that always emphasizes the diversity of thought, ideas and connections. Her aim is to work as a strategic partner to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life in a way that stands true to their values and also resonates with their target audience.

What Kanchi saw missing was an avenue that provided fresh ideas, kindness, transparency, and responsible business practices to thrive and that's the void we focus on fulfilling. Incca is a brand that is inclusive and authentic. Professional and yet approachable!

With Incca's branding and positioning, we wanted to project the full potential of how we intend to work towards transforming the way brands function.

Our icon is inspired by a triangle, the most common shape used to represent growth and increment. Made from a simple polygon manipulated to emulate the same feeling, it also symbolises an airhorn; a tool used to amplify – just as how Incca Projects aims to amplify and advocate for its brands and businesses. This polygon will change over time, as will market dynamics and the world around us, but our philosophy will remain the same- to work with purpose-driven businesses.

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