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Incca Presents All Good, Food That Fosters Wellness.

Born from a love of clean, natural and homemade living, All Good is a labour of love by entrepreneur Gargee Munjal, who believes that the best investment you can make is in your health! Gargee has been working with Incca on a branding overhaul and establishing an online store to subsequently expand her brand's presence in Mumbai, India.


In addition to analysing the market trends, opportunities and scope, we conducted a deep market survey to study the needs of All Good's target audience. Our primary research helped us discover the outline and structure for this brand's launch. The combination of secondary and primary research highlighted the direction for All Good's positioning and value mapping.

Out of all the people we surveyed, 45% preferred Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle choice which led to adding a new product range for All Good protein bars, i.e., the Intermittent Break-Fast bar. This research helped us discover the priorities of young parents as well as Gen X! For 50% of the people, nutrition and taste mattered the most and that’s what led us to develop a value proposition promising food that fosters wellness.


A passionate home entrepreneur from Mumbai, Gargee has been making ready-to-eat snacks that are packed with nutrition and flavour since 2016. As to shape her product range into a welcoming brand, we changed the name from Healthy Kitchens Gourmet to All Good, to clearly convey its brand values, integrity and quality being the most important of them all.


We designed All Good's website keeping in mind that it needs to come across as a fresh, lively, clean and green platform hence we focused on showcasing bright and lively brand colours with a clearly defined product range and categories. The website provides a seamless experience to users and communicates the ethos of the brand.


For All Good, we wanted to design a logo that attracts and resonates with Millennials and Gen X- depicting the style and unique elements of a health-conscious brand. The unique shape of this logo is what makes it stand out from the plethora of logos we see in this newly thriving sector of health foods. Keeping the logo responsive and scalable, we also delivered certain variations for easy and multiple usages.


We designed the packaging by highlighting its most important brand value- Transparency. Showcasing all the ingredients and nutrition information together while keeping sufficient space in the design was quite a challenge, but we figured out the best way to do so thus bringing forth different flavours and ingredients.


A glance at the templates for @allgoodstore social media handles. By balancing the customer emotion scale, we wanted to showcase a mix of fresh, breathable, clean and green feed.

"Mindful, healthy cooking always is and will be at the forefront of what I do and now I can't wait to share this philosophy with a wider audience. " - Gargee Munjal

Read more about Gargee's story here. If you're in India, and want to try the most delicious and healthy granola bars head to



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