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Episode 5 | The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer | The Anatomy of an Effective Goal featuring Sonali Dheer

With personal and professional lines blurring how do we create goals that empower us to lead a more holistic and fulfilled life?

In this episode, Kanchi speaks with speaking with NLP Master Practitioner and coach Sonali Dheer on what it takes to build an achievable and effective goal

Since 2017, Sonali has been successfully coaching clients in Australia, Europe, India, and US A to reprogram their mind by facilitating a growth mindset. She believes that with the right mindset anybody can achieve their goals and live a happy, fulfilled life that is aligned to their values, skills and authentic truth.

Her therapy practice helps clients identify and overcome personal and professional problems whether it be relationships, body image, addictions, stress, anxiety or even depression.

Sonali uses NLP tools to coach the unconscious mind to alter repeating patterns that maybe blocking someone from living their most fulfilled life. Sonali grew up in India and now lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.

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About The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer

Our podcast features change-makers and leaders to talk about what the future of business ecosystems looks like. Kanchi will talk to those that intend to change the way the world-at-large functions.



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