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Episode 6 | The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer | Accessible Eco-Friendly Choices with Namrata Budhraja

While the intent to make more conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle choices in our everyday lives is high, the plethora of misinformation, greenwashing and the lack of trusted resources makes it hard for us to do so.

In this episode, Kanchi speaks with Namrata Budhraja, who is the co-founder of Shift Eco, UAE's first online shopping platform for eco-friendly products about how consumers and brands can make easy changes daily, which can result in a big impact.

Prior to starting Shift Eco, Namrata was an HR consultant with over 12 years of experience in leading large- scale talent projects across the Middle East.

Namrata has an MBA from HEC, Paris and a degree in economics and mathematics.

To learn more about Shift Eco go to

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About The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer

Our podcast features change-makers and leaders to talk about what the future of business ecosystems looks like. Kanchi will talk to those that intend to change the way the world-at-large functions.



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