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Episode 8 | The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer | How To Build Wealth Motivated By Purpose, Joy & Freedom

We have seen the advent of many purpose-driven individuals and companies over the last few years. But what does being purpose-driven truly mean in the context of financial planning? Can you create wealth doing something you love or are they mutually exclusive phenomenons, and luxury only a select few can afford? Is "money mindset" just a buzzword? To discuss all of this and much more, Kanchi Dheer speaks with Kevin Ong- A financial advisor who, over the last eleven years has helped over 400 individuals achieve their financial goals and has built a client list based only on referrals. This episode is a must for anyone who gets overwhelmed with the idea of planning for their future, or those who want to change their motivators but don't know where to start.

Based in Singapore, but working with clients globally, for the last eleven years, Kevin is the Senior Vice President at Summit Planners. In his first full year of business, Kevin qualified for multiple Million Dollar Round Table Awards. As a coach who is constantly upskilling and learning from other mentors, he strongly believes in Paying it Forward. This led him to focus the rest of his career on training aspiring consultants to build a professional, knowledgeable and respected practice. Kevin is a well-established trainer in the financial services industry and regularly trains people on the topic “Sow and Harvest through Referrals” You can find Kevin at and

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About The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer

Our podcast features change-makers and leaders to talk about what the future of business ecosystems looks like. Kanchi will talk to those that intend to change the way the world-at-large functions.



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