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Episode 1 | The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer | Creating Authentic Content featuring Gyscha Rendy

An impactful content strategy creates relevance and authority with people who ultimately become consumers. According to Hubspot, Content Marketing reigns king and over 82% of marketers are actively using content marketing in their overall strategy.

But if everyone is doing it, how do you stand out?

How do you create content that brings the brand back in branding?

In this episode, Kanchi speaks with Indonesian author and content creator Gyscha Rendy on her process of creating content that's original and honest.

Gyscha fell in love with photography, people, culture and nature when she started travelling around South East Asia in 2011 following which she decided to start her travel page Her Happiness Project (

Gyscha has contributed to DotDash ( The Spruce ), Kompas, Epicure Indonesia, International Living, Nylon Singapore, Her World, Cosmo and many more. A former RJ and music programmer, Gyscha's passion for entertainment, travel and the creative industries has taken her to more than 40 countries.

We speak about how the key to creating authentic content in a distribution system that's so reliant on algorithms is research, taking ample time to plan and being fearless.

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About The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer

Our podcast features change-makers and leaders to talk about what the future of business ecosystems looks like. Kanchi will talk to those that intend to change the way the world-at-large functions.



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