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Episode 3 | The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer | Live Streaming & Creator Economy featuring Asad Kalimi

It's not news that today content consumption is not limited to OTT platforms and traditionally distributed channels like cable TV. By the end of 2021, the live streaming market was a staggering $70.05 billion. The video game streaming market in particular is expected to register a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period, 2021 - 2026. *

With the number of video gamers approaching three billion globally, Asia Pacific is responsible for over half of this number and China, Japan, and South Korea lead the gaming markets in the region.

In this episode, Kanchi speaks with the Head of Business Development at Twitch, Asad Kalimi on how brands can better understand and leverage the massive growth of Live Streaming and the Creator Economy.

Asad is a strategist and business development executive based in Singapore, focusing on tech and media . He currently leads business development for Twitch across Asia Pacific. Asad has spent the last decade driving the expansion of leading media and tech businesses such as Spotify, WeWork and LinkedIn across the region.

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About The Catalyst With Kanchi Dheer

Our podcast features change-makers and leaders to talk about what the future of business ecosystems looks like. Kanchi will talk to those that intend to change the way the world-at-large functions.



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